First imported site did not import content

I’m new to using localbyflywheel and just input my Wp-admin login and password to import my first site. It appears to have set up a new site, a virgin install of WordPress, but it did not grab any of the content from my live site. Was it not supposed to import the whole site? Or must I now use a plugin like backupbuddy to migrate the live content to a local install for testing purposes?

Hey there!

No, you shouldn’t need a backup plugin. :slight_smile:
If you export the database sql file and the wp-content directory, zip/compress them, you can then simply drag and drop that .zip file to Local and it will import the site for you.

Can you try that and let us know how if you run into trouble?

Thanks for the fast reply. Should the content have been imported automatically? I’ll try what you recommend, but can you please point me to some documentation on how to identify and then export the DB SQL file and where on my local hard drive to find the local folder to drag the files into?