Local site doesn't show images or content

*My first time using Local by Flywheel and I’m using a Mac.
I’ve copied a live website with quite a lot of content and created it on Local by Flywheel by using the zip file of the site. I then exported the database using phpMyAdmin, and imported that into LbF through Adminer.

I then activated all the plugins through the WP admin interface. I saw that a lot of the content from the live website wp-content folder was not in the local sites wp-content folder, so I overwrote that wp-content folder with the unzipped live website wp-content folder.

Now when checking the local site the content is still not there, for e.g. blog posts created this month are not on local.
The custom theme for the site is available, but all the customisation (site identity, menus etc) were not carried across to local.

Can anyone assist, I’m hoping it’s something simple that I have done incorrectly?