GatsbyJS local development

I’m trying to use Local to run WordPress locally as a headless CMS for a GatsbyJS site. I’m hitting an error, though I’m not sure if it’s within the gatsby-source-wordpress plugin, or within Local.

The request failed with error code "DEPTH_ZERO_SELF_SIGNED_CERT"

I’ve gotten this to work by adding:


to a config file within Gatsby, but am wondering if there’s a setting in Local that might similarly work?

Hi, did you get this fixed?
I’m about to start on a gatsby install linked to wordpress and just want to know if Local will work OK, i’m not experienced in this at all but reasonably ok with WP.
Do you have any pointers or sites you’d recommend to follow as step by step guides?

Yeah—fix is no longer necessary in my experience. Good luck—it’s a fun tool set.