New user problems with ssl and uploads

I just started using Local and have installed Local and a first local WordPress site without any problems. However, I am running into multiple issues using Local.

  • First I have a problem with using SSL. I am running LOcal as an Administrator in Windows 10, but when I click “Trust” I get an message tellling me Local requieres administrator privelegs. But I do run Local as an administrator already?

I am able to open the Admin in https, but when I go back to the UI in Local I see that “trust” is off again.

  • Second problem is that I am not able to upload plugins, I get an Internal Server Error message, an also not able to upload files. For example an 100kb jpeg image files, I get an message telling me the sever can not proccess the image.

How to proceed? Any help would be really welcome!
(I have included the Log files)

Thanks and best Wishes,
access.log (50.8 KB)
error.log (13.0 KB)
site-error.log (3.8 KB)

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