Gone! It's all gone!

I had 5-6 sites in my local flywheel environment setup. Yesterday as I opened the app on win10, just as it was firing up, my laptop suddenly turned off. The battery went dead and it was unplugged from the power outlet.

When I reconnected the laptop and booted windows, opened the local by flywheel app my sites were gone! Nothing on the welcome screen!

I tried reinstalling flywheel but to no avail. The folder ’ local sites’ is still there with all the files. How do I get them back to flywheel?!

Hi Filip,

Did you recently upgrade from Local by Flywheel (Local 3) to Local 5? If so, Local 5 doesn’t currently have a migration routine for moving sites over from Local 3.

One thing you can try doing is downloading Local by Flywheel 3.3.0 and seeing if the sites are still missing