Graceful Fail on Site Pull

I have another file open such, as a php file in my IDE.

Because of this a pull from flywheel fails with an error message about a file in use. The pull corrupts the directory so in flywheel local you can no longer pull a site into that folder/instance and pretty much have to delete the site, create a fresh instance, and pull into that or go down a support rabbit hole.

If we are overwriting the contents of the directory anyways why are we blocked from pulling from flywheel into a corrupted local instance?

I think the ideal scenario would be that we would get a notice about a file in use, prompt us to release the lock, and then be able to click “Retry” to continue with the original pull.

If there are other error messages these should still probably be handled more gracefully and not leave the user with a corrupted directory. Maybe rollback the site pull to the pre-pull state?