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Group sites in folder in sidebar

+1 for this! It would be amazinggggggg! Maybe I can build it as an addon :thinking:


How is this the top upvoted feature request from 2 years ago and still hasn’t been released? It’s not even that challenging of a task… Really starting to lose faith in this product.

Would love to see this as well, +1!

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I did not see that this feature has been request. Just add a search feature along with grouping.

I’m really surprised such a simple but so useful feature hasn’t been implemented in 3 years.

I realize this is an old thread, but I wanted to clean up old topics and see how things are going.

With the release of the 5.9.0 version of Local, the sidebar now is able to star sites as well as order the sites by most recently started.

This should allow you to quickly star and organize the sites that are actively being worked. Can you give the latest version of Local a try and let us know what you think?

I’m here to vote for this!!!

The reason for this is usually when I screen-share, that way I can e.g. collapse “Work” and not expose secret projects we’re working on.

  • Also I think sites don’t HAVE to be in a folder, they can be in the root or in a folder
  • Having them in a folder is just a visual thing, selecting a folder would be impossible, it would just collapse and expand the folder
  • Last selected site (even one selected in a collapsed folder) would still show

I also am considering maybe trying to do this with an addon, but I think it’s worth being in the core app.

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I came here to post this and found your thread! This feature is a must. Please add it. I have lots of sites and staring them won’t help a lot. We need to have the ability to group them into folders for easy navigation. Now, I need to scroll down through many sites to find the one i want to open. Hope this added in the near future. Thanks!

Could we please get this feature? similar to Postman collections, PLEASE We Really need this feature :sob: :sweat: :weary:

Yes, this would be a great option, please add this.

I would love this as well!! I have so many sites and having a folder management system would be so great! A big +1 vote…

This would be HUGE!!! A small feature, but so great!

I freelanced sites for a year, now starting a new job, and everything’s getting mixed together.

I would love to see this feature too! Today when you have dozens of sites it gets really messy.

What makes matter worse is that there is no search function. So I need to scroll down and up looking for a specific site each time :frowning:
Please consider adding the grouping into folders, and a search function features.

Thank you for the best WP development software!

Hi friends! I am the Product Designer on Local and I wanted to share that I am actively designing this. I know it is a feature that has been asked for for some time and we have totally heard you. I can very much see how this is a pain point and something we want to solve for you. We have interviewed and ran usability tests on this feature and I am actively designing it. I think you are all really going to like it. Hang tight! It is coming! Thanks for being such an awesome group. We really appreciate you. Have a great day!


Hey @tysonreeder how’s your progress? Is there still hope for this feature?

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Hi @hmmux, I am the Product Manager for Local - yes, this is still planned for the near future! Tyson has finished his designs and the engineering team has reviewed them. The last step is to get it built! No ETA, but coming soon. :slight_smile:


Glad to see this is in the Pipeline, Came here looking to see if this feature was available. As someone who has Work, Personal Projects and things like Custom Plugin that i develop, This would make things much easier to organise

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Apologies for missing this. Thanks Austin for jumping in. Yes @hmmux I am very excited for this feature. I know you all have been wanting it for a while. I think it is really going to help this problem. Can’t wait to get it in your hands and hear what you think!

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Yes please. +1 from me!

Folders will be very useful.

I need to group together clients and personal stuff.