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New site grouping / rename 'Sites'

Hi all, I just created my first site since the new groups feature, and discovered two semi-related quirks.

This new site was automatically put into the ‘Sites’ group, which I’m using for launched sites - there are 3 groups before that in my list, with a couple of dozen sites total. I expected the new site to appear at the top of the overall list, but I had to scroll around for a bit to find it so I could move it into the ‘Active’ group I use for in-progress sites.

I’d like for my new sites to appear at the top of my sites sidebar. My ‘Active’ group is the first one, so my initial workaround idea was that I’d just swap the names on my ‘Active’ and ‘Sites’ groups, move them around, and I’d have the behavior I’m looking for, but then I noticed that ‘Sites’ can’t be renamed.

I see a few potential options for improving this behavior:

1. Allow sites to be disassociated with groups, which would put them at the very top of the sites list (similar to how the old starring function worked), have new sites be disassociated (also putting them in this top group), and treat ‘Sites’ like any other group (allow it to be renamed or deleted)
2. Provide a setting under Preferences > New site defaults that allows selecting the default group for new sites
3. Clearly identify the ‘Sites’ group as the default (where new sites would appear) and allow it to be renamed

Any of these would solve my issue, but I’ve ranked them in terms of (subjective) usefulness.


Hi there, @markmercier -

Thank you for the feedback - I’ve passed this along to the Local engineering team. :blush:

We appreciate you!