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Local Beta 6.7.0

Download Local 6.7.0 (Beta) for Intel MacOS

  • SHA1: 63fda3e888cb121b826276bfc6a03ed05ed10e9f

Download Local 6.7.0 (Beta) for Apple Silicon MacOS

  • SHA1: 2b1135ff58ef5d9bacebc61b0d1f1cb4c92a1287

Download Local 6.7.0 (Beta) for Windows

  • SHA1: 073bacaf06edb9897df067a963a55a6ac598ead1

Download Local 6.7.0 (Beta) as Linux deb (Ubuntu, Debian, Mint)

  • SHA1: 34bfc5b2a79fe1fef966b664d1a409fd577d5d91

Download Local 6.7.0 (Beta) as Linux rpm (Fedora, Red Hat Linux, CentOS)

  • SHA1: e98c78f10b6d09ba96f79977171a10fe13af3d90

What’s New in Local 6.7.0

Create groups in the sidebar and organize your sites! As one of the top requested features for quite some time, we’re particularly excited about this release. Create groups that make sense for your workflow, like separating personal sites from work sites, grouping sites by the client you’re working with, the stage in your build cycle, anything you like. Say goodbye to messy sidebars and hello to organization!


  • Users can create site groups in the sidebar and organize their site list. Features include:
    • Create, rename, and delete site groups from the context menu next to a group name.
    • Drag and drop sites between groups to quickly organize your site list.
    • Move sites to a new or existing group via the right-click menu.
    • Start, stop, restart, or delete all sites in a group quickly from the context menu.
    • Reorder groups relative to each other via the right-click menu or by dragging them up and down in the sites list.
    • Sort sites in each group by recency via the clock icon at the top of the site list. By default, sites are sorted alphabetically.
  • Replaced “Starred” sites and moved them to a new group with the same name.
  • The sidebar and an individual group’s open/collapse state persists as you navigate, close, and reopen Local.
  • Improved the drag area on the borders of the window, making Local easier to position on your screen.
  • Imports from WP Migrate auto-select the PHP, web server, and database version closest to the production environment if Local offers the same major.minor version.

Bug Fixes

  • Xdebug defaults to “OFF” on imports and pulls unless the site had Xdebug turned on prior to the export. This corrects an issue where sites incorrectly defaulted Xdebug to “ON” in these scenarios.
  • Fixed a bug where the chosen environment when importing a site was not actually applied to the site when it was created.