Having trouble seeing updates reflected on my live site

I believe my account is connected to Local and I was able to push to my Flywheel live site, which would override all the files and the DB with the Local ones but I am not seeing any changes to the live site.

Can anyone give guidance or help and figure out what next steps to take?

Hi and Welcome to the Community!

There are a few things to try first before digging deep.
The 'ol Hard Refresh - Open your live site and do

  • Mac: cmd + shift +r
  • Windows: ctrl + shift + r

This should force the browser to refresh the files it has cached, which should grab the newest ones.

The second option is to go to the Advanced Tab on your sites dashboard and click on “Flush Site Cache” - This has been the culprit many times for me, though when I do large pushes I hit that button and I see my changes almost instantly.

The third option is to clear your browsers cache. Just make sure to un-tick the “Cookies and Site Data” option if you want to stay logged in to sites.

Also, in the meantime please post your Local Log here so we can see what is happening on the inside. See:


Lastly, to be sure your site is connected - Make sure the Connected option looks like mine here:

Hi Shane,
Thank you for your help.
I did all the above and I had no luck.
I also tried locating my local log but I don’t have one. When hit ‘reveal local’s log,’ it takes me to local-lightning.log. Would this file be good to send to you?

Yes, That is the Version 5 log for Local. (In Clay’s post above he goes through the various differences between v4 and v5 Logs if interested)

Oh whoops! I misread that. local-lightning.log (67.3 KB)
Here is the attached file.

Hello Shane, let me know if you got a chance to take a look at the log I had sent through.