Help needed because IMPORTS ARE FAILING

In another thread I discuss that I solved the inability to install a site from scratch due to my password being: U)KD6&4VrO1Lxc!w

I don’t know why it’s a problem now but anyway, that password was used to create the following sites which are failing to import properly. Is there a way for me to go inside these site folders and change the password to something like “admin” to see if they will import properly?

Thanks for chiming in. I don’t mind changing the password to “admin123” while working on local. Do you know how I can do this? Which file I have to open, which line I would need to change?

(although it doesnt solve why WP_CLI wants to concatenate, at least it’s a workaround)

Looks like its a known bug. (which I didnt know about) no more ampersands in my passwords

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