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Help with wp-admin

Hi guys, I’ve got a problem when I migrated my project to localWP, when I go to wp-admin a 404 appears to me, I came from using xampp and I had the same problem, does anyone know how I can fix this?

Hi @JuanZ10 - welcome to the Local community! :wave:

Sometimes the wp-admin page will 404 when there is a theme or plugin conflict.

Are you able to disable plugins?

Another thought - have you updated or changed the Site URL somewhere in WordPress?

Let’s start here!


Hey¡ Yes I changed the site URL but only when I used xampp, when I made the switch here on localwp I made sure the data base and all the wordpress files are as in the original (DB_NAME, ETC…). Maybe could be the theme, my client’s web is built on WPbakery’s plugin.

Hi @JuanZ10 -

It’s possible. Are you able to disable the theme & enable a WordPress default theme and see if that resolves the issue?