Homepage is Apache2 default page after change of domain name

Issue Summary

After a domain name change, only my homepage is apache2 default page


Hi everyone,

I’ve had a problem with my images in a plugin because of the port used in my domain name (
I thought it was a good idea to change domain name, so I did it in my wp interface general settings. I change both with (for example) name.local, but my website didn’t worked after that.
I finally revert my changes in my db interface but now only my homepage is apache2 default page.
All my pages works expect for my homepage.

Any ideas ?

Tried solutions

  • Revert changes
  • Set home page as default in my theme
  • Change server to nginx then revert to apache
  • Set my wp page to homepage
  • I compare my current project with an old backup but I can’t see obvious changes other else than in my database file.

System Details

I’m on ubuntu 20.04, wp 5.9.3
Local config is apache, mysql 8.0.16, php 7.4.1

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