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How can i drop and upload a SQL database using adminer?

I am trying to upload a database of an old website on local, i know how to do it via myphpadmin but i am not sure how to use it in adminier

Hey @apoorv.dev – Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

It’s true that Adminer is different than PHPMyAdmin, but the general process is the same!

From Local, open Adminer by clicking the link from the “Database” tab for a site.

From there, you can drop the tables, and then import the dump using these steps:

If you didn’t do a search-and-replace on the SQL file, for the domains, you’ll need to do that as well. I find the best way to do that is by right-clicking on the site in Local, and selecting “Open Site Shell.”

This will open a terminal where you can run this command (be sure to update with the live-site’s domain, and the Local site’s domain!)

wp search-replace '//example-livesite.com' '//example-localsite.local'

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