How do I submit my add-on to the list?

I built an add-on:
How do I submit it for review so that it is more easily found by users here: or in the new “Tools” section of Local’s UI?

Hey @ColinD!

Submitting a Local Addon to the add-on library can be done using this form:

We’ll put some time to review things and make sure everything is ready to be released!

One thing I noticed when taking a quick glance at your proxypass repo is that it appears to be forked from an addon that was meant for Local Classic.

Have you used your plugin on the most recent version of Local (currently 5.9.8) and verified that the add-on is working as you expect it to?

I resubmitted. Yes, it works in 5.9.8. The UI has changed since I put it together so maybe in now makes more sense to put it in the Tools tab rather than Utilities. Six of one, half a dozen of the other.