How import several websites?

Hi all,
I am a teacher in public health and
I implemented this year with my students a wordpress project. The objective was to perform a local website by group of 5 students. Local websites were performed using wamp/xamp local server. I asked to my student to duplicate their website from duplicator package in wordpress and to send their archive.
I thought to be able to import each archive in local by flywheel for consulting each website (n=5) but I have some difficults to link each website with its own local database. By default, local by flywheel creates one local DB for all websites developped using local by flywheel. In my case, I must import websites not carried out using flywheel. My question is: how connect each website in a different local DB with flywheel?
Thanks in advance for your reply and sorry for my aproximative english.


Hi @Outit8333,

The easiest way to import Duplicator archives into Local is to drag-and-drop the Duplicator archive onto Local’s main window to initiate an import. This will create a new Local site and import all of the files and database from the archive.

With that said, you will need to drag-and-drop the archives onto Local one at a time. You can’t initiate an import of all 5 simultaneously.