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How to disable Mailhog on a local dev environment?

How do you disable Mailhog on a local dev environment?

We want to send test emails directly to our inboxes.

We’ve tried signing up for Mailchimp, SendLayer, Mailgun etc but they all require a hosted domain and give you NS Records you have to enter. On a local install of course we can’t do that.

It looks like you have to modify this line in php.ini:
sendmail_path = "\"{{mail.mailhogPath}}\" sendmail --smtp-addr={{mail.mailhogSmtpAddr}} mailhog@flywheel.local

What exact line should replace that?

Hi @scottcodes

I don’t believe it’s possible to disable MailHog at the moment.

As an alternative, you could spin up a Demo Site somewhere to test third-party mail apps. Flywheel has a free 14 day Demo option: Demo Site

@scottcodes There is a “release” button in Mailhog, that is available for each message. It needs you to provide the settings for a SMTP server, but if you have that, you should be able to release individual emails from Mailhog to your regular inbox as desired.

That said, if you have access to a SMTP server (e.g. you have a Gmail account), you could use a SMTP plugin to handle the sending of emails instead of having them be captured by Mailhog