MailHog - how to turn it off while going LIVE

Hi, I’ve moved my Woocommerce from Local By FlyWheel to the LIVE environment but the e-mails aren’t working. The MailHog redirection to local is still active…
How can I switch it off to allow Wordpress to send emails?

Hi Robert,

The Local site is still likely sending e-mails to MailHog. MailHog is only linked to the local site through the use of PHP configuration settings that are in the Local site. If you deploy to another environment, those settings will not be present so e-mails should deliver to the real e-mail address.

If you are utilizing the Live Link functionality, note that this is not the same as deploying to a production or staging environment. It’s creating a tunnel from the internet to your Local site so it can be accessible for demo and review purposes. Because of the nature of the tunnel, the Local site is still serving the requests and will continue to forward e-mails to MailHog.

To deploy to a staging or live environment in the cloud, we recommend utilizing Connect to Flywheel or Connect to WP Engine.

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