How to export the site when it's done?


I’m new here in the “local WordPress business” and I’ve just installed Flywheel. I would like to know how does the export function works?
I’ve seen in the menu that you can export your site (apparently pretty easily) and I would like to know what will I have to do next? Is it something really simple like put the export in my FTP and BOUM I’m done?

I’d like to know how I can do it before starting work…

Thank you for you help!


Hi there,

Exporting is primarily meant for importing into another Local installation but it also makes a convenient zip containing all of the site files, database, and configs.

To move the site live I would recommend using a product such as Duplicator or BackupBuddy to back up the site locally. Then, you can use their import tool to move it to your host.

Thank you very much for your response!

I’ll look into these products… to be continued :slight_smile:


Hi Clay, I would like to know how to export site so that I could import it later after I reinstall Local by Flywheel.

Just to describe you my situation in short…

I updated local to the newest version about a month ago, and everything just broke - not a single site worked. So, I searched for help and I solved this problem by deleting local and installing older version 2.2.4 - which seems to me is pretty slow.

However, on the other computer, I have version 2.4.0 of Local that works fine and is a lot faster.

So, I planned to export all the sites that I have on version 2.2.4. of Local, delete it, install version 2.4.0. and import these sites so that I could continue working in a quicker environment.

What do you say about this? Do you maybe have some other suggestions? Is maybe the newest version fixed so that I could just upload to that version without any feat that something might break?

Anyway, please tell me how to export site.

Thank you in advance.