How to import an Elementor Kit?

Gents, I know how to create a demo package. However, I’m stuck. I want to export an Elementor kit from one site to another, both on Flywheel. The export works fine. But the import does not. No images, no default kit (where the Elementor settings are), Just the pages, the posts and the plugins (if any).

What I did was create two sites, A and B. I create and export a kit from site A. Then import it in B. Both sites are active.

Elementor Kit is in Beta. I don’t think Elementor would release a beta if it works this bad. Which brings me to my question: is this not possible in Flywheel?

Hi @josf

Are you running into the issue when using the Local app or is this specifically happening on the Flywheel hosting side?

What version of Elementor are you using? There was a previous issue with Elementor Kits that should have been resolved about version 3.8.0.

If you’re having issues with Flywheel sites specifically you can also reach their chat team 24/7 here:

Depending on your plan size you may also be able to create a ticket with their team as well.

I’m using Flywheel in Ubuntu, with Elementor latest versions 3.9.2 (pro and free). Not Flywheel hosting.

Hi @josf Sorry in your original post you mentioned Flywheel a couple of times. Did you mean within your Local application?

What version of Local are you on?

Sharing Josf’s update here for any future users: