Elementor export/import kit in Local

A couple of days ago, I posted a question why Elementor kits don’t work in Local. Or better phrased: partially work in local. I’m talking about Local by Flywheel on your own computer. Not Flywheel online.

After a lot of experimenting, here are my experiences:

I set up a site in router mode localhost. No https.
Then I download a kit from a seller. The kit doesn't work. I get an error message. I can import the kit, doing it file by file. I have to import each template in its respective page. Import the header and footer. Create the menus. Then set those menus to the header/footer.

This works, but only the pages and content minus images are imported.

Next I tried to import a site I have online as a kit into local. That works like a charm. Create the export kit online, download it, import it. Works perfect in Router mode localhost and Site domains.

That might be due to the router mode. I switched from localhost to Site domains. That brings me to experiment 2.

I switch router mode to Site domain. Create a new site. Install Elementor, activate the kit in experiments. Set up 2 sites: export and import.

  • create a site in export, and export it to import.

Result: I can import pages and posts, plus the header/footer. But again, no images and no default-kit (with the fonts and the colors).


Working with Elementor Kits is possible, but only online. If you want to work from localhost (on your own computer) you have to get that site online first, and then create a kit.

Thanks for coming back and sharing the insight @josf!

Hello everyone,
I have exactly the same problem, apparently I see that it is not possible to solve it, the only way if I understand correctly is to put it online, then import the kit, then export it and if we want to continue to work on local WP, import the site with the kit included? is that right? it’s really a pity I work at 90% with kits, I’m disappointed. Can you confirm that please ?

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