New update bug! Local not importing images with envato elements for elementor kits

Issue Summary

Initially, i could import my elementor kits and finish up my websites without any error on local. But After i recentlu updated, local blocks all the images that come with the kits and leaves me with vague designs.
i troubleshooted this by testing directly on my hosting server(Not Flywheel) and everything was fine
i also tried different kits and the same thing happened…

  • And this happened on all my sites on local
  • Are you able to import your kits after the update?

I use a Macbook catalina OS

Hey @ozunuane, Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

It’s hard to know what exactly the issue is without a bit more info about the error that’s happening.

  • Can you describe in a little more detail how the content is being imported?
  • Are there any errors showing during the import process?
  • Can you record a screencast of the workflow you are trying to do so that we get a better idea of what’s going on?

I used to import elementor kits on envato to design my websites before now and everything including images would come with the import.

Suddenly after the update my imports will reject images and import blanks of 6kb

I have tested the kits by testing on my hosting WordPress and this works fine there… so i need help…

i have checked online and i keep seeing something about php server limitations.

It’s hard to know what to update without a bit more info about the errors that WordPress is encountering.

You can always try updating the various PHP settings for a site by editing the php.ini.hbs file within the conf/php folder for a site.

After making any changes to that file, you’ll need to stop and restart the site so that Local can re-compile and load the PHP configuration.

No solution

That’s too bad that it didn’t work. If you’d like some more help troubleshooting this, we’ll need a bit more info about what was tried and what exactly wasn’t working!

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