How to import multisite into Local

Issue Summary

I got a new computer and want to migrate my multisite from my old computer to my new one in Local. I cannot get this to work. These steps are not clear or work. I don’t understand what this form is doing or if I need it. I’m not changing domains. It’s just a local site to another local environment.


  1. I exported my local multisite from my old computer.
  2. On my new computer, I created a new multisite with subdirectories.
  3. I copied the “wp-content” folder from my old computer multisite folder, and replaced the “wp-content” folder of my new computer multisite.
  4. I test in the browser and don’t see anything take effect. It’s just a regular clean install of a multisite.
  5. Flywheel says to go through this form and run commands, but I don’t understand what to fill in for this form.
  • What is the domain change?
  • I use “wp_” so I’m assuming no change here.
  • I have 2 sites within my local multisite on my old computer. So do I put “2” in here?

System Details

  • Which version of Local is being used? 6.7.1

  • What Operating System (OS) and OS version is being used? macOS Ventura

Hi @mgosur!

It looks like there is a step missing on that help doc that you linked to, which I thought we fixed a while ago so I’m not sure why it’s still missing. I’ll look into that further for future users!

For now, what is missing is that after you replace the wp-content on Local with the file from your backup, you need to drop the Local DB tables. Then you will manually import the DB from your backup (which you can do with SSH and wp db commands).

Once that is done, you’ll use that form to generate a SQL command to update your database.

You might still need to update the domains. When you look at the new site in your Local app that you created is the Site Domain the same or different from the one on our old computer?

If it’s different, then when you use the form you’ll put the domain from the old computer first, then the next line will be the new domain. Next to lines 3 and 4, there is a clickable help guide that says How do I find this with more information on those.

Thanks Nick, I appreciate your help!

That step sounds pretty important to include. :slight_smile: My domain didn’t change, but that form that generates the SQL command requires the domain fields to be entered, and they can’t be the same; so this makes it confusing to understand.

I did end up getting the migration to work, but I really don’t understand how I did it. I didn’t do any of these steps. But it works, so I’ll take it :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you got things working again @mgosur! Admittedly, the steps are tailored for importing a multisite from a host into Local, which wasn’t really your case. I’ve never attempted to move a Local multisite from one machine to another as you were doing, so it’s good to know that it’s working for you and didn’t require anything too complicated. Happy Developing :green_heart:

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