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I can’t seem to find information about how to remove a site from Local, or I’m completely missing it. When I delete a site from Local, it deletes the project folder completely into Trash (to be expected). Is there an option to remove the site from Local but still keep the project folder in the background?

The scenario is that I’ve built WordPress sites, but some of them are no longer in regular active use; however, these sites may be reactivated down the road. I was just trying to clean up my Local list if possible.

I appreciate your help!

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  • Which version of Local is being used?

  • What Operating System (OS) and OS version is being used?
    MacOS Mojave


I am new to Local and a few days ago I asked myself the same. I found an answer in the Help Docs, section Getting Started, the Export and Import features. This allows you to create a zip archive of the site, store that at a safe location ready to be imported when you need it later on, and then delete the site.

By the way, the documentation on Export says “The export is the entire /wp-content folder and the database”, but the exported zip file contains much more; it looks like everything inside /Local Sites/my_site. That includes the complete website folder contents, including the WordPress installation and any other (non-WordPress) files and folders that might be present in the website root folder. I like that, because (I suppose) that means that importing an old zip archive means importing the original WordPress version as well, so that I have a good control of an upgrade at that time to a new WP version.

Hope this helps.

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There isn’t a way to keep the files, but remove the site in Local. As @anon92236356 mentioned, you’ll likely want to right-click on the site and select “Export” which will create a zip which you can backup to wherever you want. From there, delete the site in Local to clean things up!

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