Site lost after uninstalling Local

I’ve been working on a site for 1 year now and after accidentally uninstalling Local I lost the files inside it. Luckily I had the site folder in the path: “C:\Users\MyUser\Local Sites” but I can’t import it because I didn’t have the export, I tried to drag the folder with “app, conf, logs and local-site” inside but it doesn’t work. I tried to create a site from scratch and replace the folders but it gives me various errors. What I have available is the folder with the contents of the site, the email, the username and password used when creating the site. Can anyone help me? I worked a lot for this project and losing it would be a big problem. Thanks in advance.

Hi @voidup.official.word

There are two required things that Local needs for the import to be successful:

  1. The wp-content folder (containing plugins, themes, and uploads)
  2. A database dump as a sql file

If those are still somewhere on your machine, are you able to zip them up together and import that? If you still have the files you’ll need to zip or compress them first before importing.

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Hello, yes I have both folders on the following paths: “app>sql” and “app>public>wpcontent”, in case they are the correct ones I have to put both in a folder renamed with the name of the site and then compress it before importing it? If so, I tried but it gives me mistakes saying that the classes of Woocommerce have not been found. Do I also have folders if they could be useful to make it work? I attach the screen of the first part of the errors and the folders I have available. Thank you for your reply.

Hi @voidup.official.word! I searched that error and found this thread where a user said they resolved it by removing and then re-installing Woocommerce:

So you might have to extract those files, and then when you get the site back up, re-install the plugin.

I managed to put everything back together and now the site is working properly, I also made a backup for future problems. Thank you so much for your support, without your help I would not have been able to recover years of work.
Best regards!

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Hi @voidup.official.word - Glad to hear it! Thanks for the follow-up. Happy developing :slight_smile:

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