How To Save a Blueprint

I was wondering if I could save a blueprint using Flywheel Local, since the only documentation I could find was Flywheel instructions for doing this on their server

By digging around for a while, I discovered that the answer is YES → Create your new Blueprint by right-clicking on the site and choosing Save as Blueprint. Such a great feature, but it should be documented or easier to find.

My question now: How do I delete blueprint status? Is the only way to delete the whole site?

Hi Michele,

Sorry for the confusion! We definitely need to make it more obvious how Blueprints work in Local.

After you create a Blueprint from a site, you can delete the site you created it from without affecting the Blueprint.

To remove Blueprints, open Local’s Preferences (accessible in the application menu) and then go to Blueprints.

Thanks Clay!

If I create a blueprint from site-tmpl and call it site-tmpl-blueprint, can I update the blueprint (site-tmpl-blueprint) such as to add and configure a new plugin?

Or would I need to update site-tmpl and then create a new blueprint from it?


You will need to create a new Blueprint after making the changes.

You can delete the old Blueprint in Preferences » Blueprints once you create the new one. :slight_smile: