Blueprint not loading properly

Hey guys,
I’m new here and new to using local by flywheel.
I created a local test site with wp and oxygen, saved it as a blueprint.
I then created a new site on local and selected the saved blueprint; however when I load the site it is just showing a small part of the original site I saved as a blueprint.
Any idea what I am missing?

Thanks in advance!

I have also had lots of problems with the Blueprint feature, but fortunately there is a feature to export / import your sites to duplicate them that works great and I use in place of Blueprints.

  • Go to your local sites tab and make sure the site is running
  • Right click on the site name and select “Export” from the drop down, choose where you want the export file to go and Local will create a zip file
  • Click and drag the zip file onto the Local interface - it doesn’t matter what screen you are on just drop it right over it anywhere
  • You will be taken through the process of naming and configuring the install like you would with a new install
  • The result is a duplicate of your exported site you are free to work off of

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