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How to turn on SQlite3?

hi there when i try to use SQLite3 I get the error “class not found” upon checking the phpinfo() i see that in ‘Configure Command’ there is ‘–without-sqlite3’.

How can i remove this ‘–without-sqlite3’ ? Or how can I get SQLite3 to work in flywheel? I’m currently using php 7.0.3 and nginx, tried both the custom and preferred installations.

Thanks for any help

Hey @funianrun

You’re correct that the sqlite extension isn’t included with the version of PHP since Local is tuned to WordPress development.

You’ll need to compile the actual PHP extension and get it working if you are wanting to make use of this within Local. I would recommend taking a look at these two topics to get an idea of what needs to be done:

Hope that helps get you in the right direction!

– Ben

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