Add SQLite3 support and intl PHP extension

It makes zero sense that Local does not support features and extensions that Flywheel has on it’s own hosting plans.

SQLite3 support is explicitly disabled in Local’s PHP build and I can’t install it as an extension simply because it does not exists as an extension since it was bundled to PHP - as of years ago.

Please, re-enable SQLite3, add intl extension (I need it to do text transliteration which require this extension), and everything else “PHP extensions” related a lot of people ask on this feature request forum. I am hardly considering moving to Kinsta (and DevKinsta). Their prices are higher but at least they hear their customers.

This is a great suggestion. There are a lot of things that it’s helpful to have use of SQLite for, especially with custom plugins and themes. Not only that, but it would make Local useful for building and testing sites that use simple template/static PHP/HTML files, or a flat-file CMS (Like Grav, Kirby, Statamic, etc) to pull from WordPress via the API, in headless configurations where someone doesn’t want or need a bloated solution that forces some host’s favorite JS library/framework/server into the mix.

The ability to use Local by deleting the WP install and just installing a flat-file CMS that makes use of SQLite3 and that could be put under simple version control would probably also attract more devs to the Local platform–just because it could do double duty as a replacement of some Docker, LXD/LXC, Vagrant needs while allowing development locally on other platforms besides WP. Getting more devs familiar with and using the platform by simply allowing a standard PHP extension and a few others that are typically used by flat-file CMS to be enabled, could be an easy product marketing win.

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Hi all - admittedly bumping an old thread here, but just wanted to pass along that the SQLite3 extension has been compiled with the latest PHP release (PHP 8.2) in Local, and we have plans to go back and add it in PHP 8.0 and PHP 8.1. It should be ready to roll if you’re using PHP 8.2!