How to upgrade XDebug to fix problems with XDebug 2.9 and PHPStorm 2020.3

XDebug breakpoints no longer work properly wihth PHPStorm 2020.3. The first time I load a page with debugging turned on, any breakpoints work. However, for all subsequent page reloads, breakpoints do not work.

After restarting Local, breakpoints work for the next page reload, but only the first one.

According to Jetbrains (here and here) there is a bug in XDebug versions older than 2.9.4 which stops breakpoints from working in the recently released PHPStorm 2020.3.

This isn’t an issue with Local per se, but if I could update the version of XDebug used, then I could at least test Jetbrains’ recommended solution and hopefully fix the issue.

Is there a practical way for me to update the version of XDebug used by Local to 2.9.4 or later?

(3.0 would be nice, but right now I just want breakpoints to work properly with the latest PHPStorm)

System Details

  • Which version of Local is being used?

  • What Operating System (OS) and OS version is being used?

    • macOS 10.15.7

I’m struggling with this, too: XDebug Only Uses Breakpoints on First Request

I am going to try reverting to an older version of PHPStorm to see if this helps.

I can confirm that upgrading to 2.9.6+ solves the issue (I’m on 3.x now) with PHPStorm. Breakpoints worked fine with Visual Studio Code though.
That said, it doesn’t answer how to udpate xdebug with LocalWP

I can confirm that updating fixed this for me, too!

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