xDebug does not work after updating to version 2.4.3

I do not remember what version I had before updating today.
But when I saw “new version available” i updated.
And after this I cannot get xDebug working at all.
I did not change any configuration in my site.
It is still on local environment custom 1.2.0.
I tried to clone it to new environment 1.3.1 too.

Breakpoints are not being triggered in phpstorm.
I have googled and tried all potential solutions.
No changes makes it work at all.

Hi @olsm. Sorry you’re having trouble, here. Could you confirm whether you’ve tried the steps that @clay recommends in this thread to configure PhpStorm and IntelliJ IDE’s?

Hi Aaron,
I’m trying to check it but it doesn’t seem to work.
Isn’t there any step by step guide or any log to troubleshoot and understand what was wrong?