How to upload .htaccess file to local (as opposed to using ftp)

Hello all,

i’m trying to add a .htaccess rule to upload to particular inner directories namely /wp-includes and /wp-content/uploads/

Normally when uploading to a live server it’s as simple as using something like filezilla or directly from cpanel but obviously the case is a bit different when trying to do the same with local.

I tried uploading to the .local domain in the same way and as you might imagine it simply didn’t work.

Is there a way I can upload my code to these directories on local site?

Hey @Turpentine, Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

Since the site files are located directly on your computer, you should be able to right-click on the site in Local and select “Reveal in Finder” (or “Reveal in File Explorer” depending on the os). This will open a file browser that will allow you to navigate to the site folder for the site. From there, you can use whatever software you like to save and edit the .htaccess file for the Local site!

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