Https in WP settings and lost my site

In the WP settings, I have changed WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL)
from “http://” to “https:// …” .

I know Local does not support https, it was a very bad idea I know. But I’m really stuck now.

In local I see : “Warning! This site’s WordPress URL settings do not match the host set in Local.”
with a “fix it” button. But that doesn’t fix nothing at all.
I have no longer access to my website, so I can’t change the settings to back.
When I hit the “Admin” button or the “Open Site” button, My web brother can’t open the page.

I look a little in the php files to find the “WordPress Address (URL)” or the “Site Address (URL)” or something similar but, nothing in wp-config.php or in wp-settings.php

Is there a way to manually return to a good configuration?

I just made the same mistake. Did this get resolved?
Anyone has a solution for this?

yes I have solved the problem by change directly the url in the database. The table is wp_options ! You change the 2 first line ( just http instead of https ) and all is good !


But being a “drag and drop” kind of website builder I don’t even know where the database and the wp_options is located. Is there any newbie guides for this?

I think you can do this.
Open Local, click on your site, clic database, database manager (or adminer… something like that ) go to wp_option, values, edit…