"Warning! This site’s Wordpress URL settings do not match the host set in Local."

I hope someone can help. My site has started giving me this error - and nothing seems to make it go away. At first, I thought it could be ignored, but now it seems like it is starting to cause PHP errors to multiply within my site. I’ve worked on this project for a couple of months now and have thousands of dollars in time invested in the site. Really need to get this sorted out. I’m surprised that Flywheel doesn’t offer support for the Local tool. Can anyone help? Thanks.

Have you confirmed that the WordPress Address and Site Address values in the WP control panel (under Settings > General) match the domain as configured in Local?

Yes indeed - the site was working perfectly for several weeks before this came up. It turns out that a package I had installed into the site was causing that error among many others. Not sure why specifically yet, I removed the package and all is well. I’ll see if I can get it sorted out and post back though for clarity.

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Did you ever get any resolution to this? I’m having the same issue. Super frustrating after tons of time and money invested in a client’s site development.

I haven’t reinstalled the package yet to diagnose it. It seemed to be a conflicting constant or something along those lines. It’s a low priority piece of the overall project, though, so it will be a bit before I solve it.

Hi All,

Is there any confirmed solution for this issue?
My site was working very fine for few weeks and today when I opened the Local I got: “Warning! This site’s Wordpress URL settings do not match the host set in Local.”
I do not recall installing anything new.

Many thanks

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