I am not receiving the confirmation email from signing up

Issue Summary

I never got the confirmation email from signing up.

Checked with my provider and they searched the email logs and did not find any mail that was refused. I hit “Resend Email” countless times. To no avail.

Can someone with admin power chime in please?

Or does it not matter that I cannot confirm my email address?



Hi @alFrame! I re-sent the email

Please also check your Spam/Junk or Trash to ensure it’s not getting incorrectly routed.

Thanks for doing that. But I received nothing. I will have to further investigate.

What’s the email you send it from? You can pm me.

And please, can you redact my email in your response.


Hi @alFrame my apologies I’ve removed that in my response. Do you have another email address you could sign up with just to test?


Yeah, I do. Same provider though. Let me try that.

Then, Gmail >.<

Awesome It worked.

Thanks @Nick-B

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