Local won't send me an email verification

Local won’t send me an email verification for my account. My email is correct and I’ve pressed resend at least four times. I created my account last night so it’s been over 12 hours since I sent my first request.

I was able to login my account but there was a verification notice in an orange band at the top of the page asking me to verify. I also pressed resend on this page.

I was able to create an account for support and successfully receive a verification link in my email.

I still haven’t received and email verification for my local account from the Local Hub Page. I can login to my account but there’s an orange “Resend Email” banner that reads:
“We’ve noticed that your email, name@domain.com hasn’t been verified. Check your inbox for an email from us to verify.”

Today I pressed the button and it sent me a “Local Community Log in Link” which I’ve previously received and verified. It seems the Local Hub page is sending the wrong verification link.

Hello @Marcos99 - welcome to the Local Community! :wave:

Thank you for reaching out - just to rule this out, have you checked your spam / junk folder for the email?

Also, if you’d like to provide a screenshot of the email you did receive that may be helpful to track down what is going on.

Let’s start there!

Sam :woman_technologist:t3:

I checked my junk folder for the email but have not received any of the multiple email verifications I requested. This is the button that appears on my Local Hub page.

The only message I received from that RESEND EMAIL button was a “[Local Community] Log in via link”, even though I had already received a verification when I signed up for the Support Community. So that was the wrong verification the system sent me.

Pressing the RESEND EMAIL button today does nothing. I haven’t received a verification message of any type. I’ve also tried requesting the verification from Firefox, Chrome and Edge. None were successful in receiving the verification.

This was the only message I received, and that was only one time. I no longer receive this verification when I press RESEND EMAIL, even though it was the wrong type of verification.


Hi @Marcos99 -

Thank you for the screenshots and information.

I wonder if something weird is happening with your email address.

Do you have another one you can try to add to your Local account & verify?

Let me know!

Sam :woman_technologist:t3:

I just created a new account using Chrome that uses my full name in my gmail address and I was able to get a verification link. It seems that my other email address doesn’t work for some reason although I once received a verification email for the community which wasn’t the correct type of verification.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Just for curiosities sake, I deleted my original account that wouldn’t verify and created a new one using a different email, the same name as my gmail address but a different domain. I used Firefox to create the account and Local won’t send me an email verification. Perhaps it has something to do with Firefox not being able to send verification emails, although I was able to receive a Community verification using the first email address I used.

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Hi @Marcos99 - interesting. I’m glad that worked with the alternative email address.

I’m curious - what was the domain of the one you tried via Firefox. Is there something going on there, perhaps?

Thanks for the update on all of this!

Sam :woman_technologist:t3:

The domain I used was “shaw.ca”. But like I said it was able to receive Community verifications through shaw.ca.

I found the problem. I use Thunderbird as my email client but when I logged into the shaw.ca webmail app I found that there were three “Local Team” emails marked as junk mail on the webmail server. Usually the webmail server passes these junk mails onto Thunderbird where I filter junk tags into my Junk folder. It seems in this case the webmail server just hung onto them.

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