I can't start a new site

error cannot read properly “ignoreErrors” of undefined
MAC OSX Sierra

There is no wp-config…

What else?
I need help i’m taking a course but i’m stuck…

Did you find help/get a work around on this?
If not, this probably won’t be of much help, but I only can use Local easily with my knowledge/experience on Mac OS 10.14.6/Mojave - my older computer, which is on HighSierra 10.13.6 quit being able to do anything without frustration and I un-installed it and just use newer one for Local -
Sigh - I hear ya, yes, maybe not helpful - but, here, and trying to do ‘my part’ in community and saw your post didn’t have any replies - so shared what I have experienced - :slight_smile:

Hey @vdfst, Welcome to the community!

Local version 5 aka Local Lightning is only compatible with macOS High Sierra, Mojave, and Catalina.
Some more info on that here:

You could try updating your macOS to see if that helps or see if you have better luck with Local version 3 here: Local by Flywheel 3.3.0

Re: message to @vdfst - for clarification - I am unable to to update on old computer (2011 build) to Mac OS - the attempt to update Local to latest version, on the 10.13.6 Mac OS version created so many issues that I gave up - BEFORE Local v 3.3.0 ever arrived - now? have system in place and thanks for info - might try to re-install on old Mac, just to try - Thanks!