I have problems to access to WP dashboard: Local Route Error

Hi there. I have a problem to access my WP dashboard because when I try to do it the browser say local router error.
I did a different thing to arrive here and I try to explain step by step. I hope you understand my explanation because my English is not perfect.
First I try to migrate the site to another domain with .local and not with .dev because I start to work in the site before the local domain changes.
So when I try to do it the ssl doesn’t work. So, I change in the first site the name and the domain from .dev to .local.
I could open then, but the ssl neither’s work. Then I don’t know why the site change the log, but I didn’t do it, is my computer which do it alone.
Then I start with problem in WP version and DDBB. I check and I see that the problem is with the folder add/public because is not in add folder, so I copy and paste there and then it recognize the WP version and the issues with DDBB dissapear. But at this time start other problem and is the topic Local Router Error and never more I can’t access to my WP dashboard.
The strange is now I have two instalations with the same website in my computer but only one in Local by Flywheel and I think this is the problem.
I add some screenshots to check by you and maybe you can help me to access again or fix the issues.
Thanks for that. I need to work ASAP, but I can’t do it.

Hi Fernando,

Thanks for the details and the screenshots!

Can you please try the following?

  1. Go to “La Vuelta al Mundo Sin Prisas” in Local
  2. Click “Change” next to “Local Environment”
  3. Change the “Web Server” to “nginx”
  4. Apply the changes
  5. Check the WP admin for errors

Hi Clay, thanks for your help, now the site is working again. But I have a question, is working with nginx and normally my sites working with Apache, how can I do when I export to the open site? Is not a problem or maybe yes?
Thanks again.

Hi Clay, I can entry on the website, I can see almost everything, I say it because some pictures are not there. I try to upload again and they are but I can see when I check the site. Also in the post using Smart Slide3 are in the old domain .dev.
You have any idea about that?