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I just updated and keep getting the bad gateway 502 error

Every time you have an update, I know I will have trouble getting on to my local website just when I need to work. It is always the same 502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.16.0. Can we have updates that don’t disrupt? How can I fix this hopefully now?

I am in the same

I have the same too after updating Local in v5.9.3+5100 , have you resolved this issue ?

Same Here. With Big Sur

I have the same issue with Local v5.9.3+5100 and mac Big Sur

Same issue here with Local v5.9.3+5100 on mac Big Sur 11.0.1

Update: Running smoothly on Big Sur with Local Beta v5.9.2.

Same here. Second update and again all crashed… 502 error.

Hey @czaczawik, Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

A 502 error basically means that “something” behind Local’s router wasn’t responding. This is a pretty generic error that can be caused by a few different things.

To get a better idea of what broke during the update, can you please provide your Local Log? See this Community Forum post for instructions on how to do so:

Here is my log. I hope someone can solve my problem
local-lightning.log (659.6 KB)

Interesting, I’ve never seen this error before:

nginx: [emerg] CreateFile() \"D:/Local WP Serwer/Local Sites/blueprint/logs/nginx/error.log\" failed (3: FormatMessage() error:(15100))

I think this is nginx telling us that there’s some sort of permissions error and it can’t create a file at that location. It looks like this site is being stored on a second partition (D:\) which makes me wonder if it has different write permissions than the c:\ drive.

If you navigate to that folder and make it writeable, are you able to stop and restart the site?

D:/Local WP Serwer/Local Sites/blueprint/logs/nginx/

One other testing piece, if you create a new site on the C:\\ partition, do you have a similar issue?

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