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I need to get this fixed, please help

I am building a website using Local by Flywheel and love this but when I go to view a page, some images do not show. I go into the edit page with Divi and the images are there. Also when going to view the site, some images are not there. Can you please help me?


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Hey @Robdot – I’m moving this topic to the WordPress Questions category since it has more to do with building the site.

For the images that are missing, are you able to get an idea of the error that the browser is throwing?

To do this, open the developer console of the browser and switch to the “Console” tab to see what errors are showing.

Here’s a screenshot of how to do that in Chrome (other browsers would be similar):

Without knowing why those images aren’t showing, it’s tricky to know how to fix things. Feel free to upload a screenshot of your browser with the errors showing and I’m sure the community get you pointed in the right direction!

I did not get an error code and I just did an update as flywheel said there was an update. After I did the update, I now see the images that were missing.
Thanks for all your help.

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