Some coding not showing up in LIVE Preview

Just about to show site to client but some of the programming is not appearing in the Live Version of the site. It is there in the build out and when editing. Am I missing something?

Hi there @acantor!

Just to clarify, do you mean that your site changes aren’t appearing when visiting the Local site via Live Link?

Or do you mean you’ve pushed your Local site changes to a live site hosted somewhere else (Flywheel, WP Engine, or other host) and your changes are not being pushed correctly?



Hi I meant that when my client went to see the site via local Live Link the images were missing.
I eventually had to push the site back to staging just for my client to view it.
I am on Flywheel.

Thanks for the additional info @acantor!

We’re currently working on a bug where certain page builders are having issues showing images over a live link connection.

Can you let us know a little more detail about the images that are missing as well as if you have any page builders installed and active?


Yes, using Divi. The images missing are from the image module that was placed. Actually a few of them.

Thanks for the info @acantor!

Divi is actually one of the page builders we are seeing this issue with. One of our engineers is actively working on this bug and it should be fixed in an upcoming release.

Thanks for your patience!


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