I need to increase execution time!

When I import backup using All-in-one WP Migration then it stop in a certain time and kill the whole website! This is due to lack of php memory, execution time. How to edit php.ini file? php.ini file contains the php setting.


Start Local, Start your site. Create a new file called info.php and throw this in there and save it.


Now load that page in a browser. The path depends which version of PHP you use. The row you’re looking for is called “Loaded Configuration File” and, in my case, the path is: “/conf/php/7.0.3/php.ini”

Again, the path will be different depending on which PHP version you install. Screenshot attached of what my phpinfo() looks like.

That should get you going!

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Adding to @lukehurd’s answer, you will not see a conf directory unless the site is running the Custom environment. The config is locked in Preferred to replicate a typical site on Flywheel.