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ImageMagick in Local 5.x

Hi all,

Thanks for your patience regarding this issue.

Fixes on macOS for PHP 5.6.39 and PHP 7.4.1 are now available. GD has been re-added to PHP 5.6.39 and the dynamic libraries for ImageMagick in PHP 7.4.1 have been updated so brew install-ing dependencies is no longer needed.

Solution: If you’re running into this issue, and you’re on macOS with PHP 5.6 or 7.4, see How can I manually update downloadable Lightning Services? to fix this issue.

Note: PHP 7.3.5 has also been updated on our end, but it is a bundled service and not downloadable. We will include a fix for GD missing in PHP 7.3.5 in the next stable update.

In the meantime, you can switch to PHP 7.4 or 5.6 if you’re running into issues with image thumbnail generation.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to break all of your sites after removing PHP folder from lightning-services, you can always create an alias pointing one to the other.
In my case, after Local updated PHP to php-7.4.1+13, I created an alias of this folder in the lightning-services folder and renamed it to php-7.4.1+8 which was the version my sites were using before when ImageMagick wasn’t working.
Now, all my old sites that were using PHP 7.4.1+8 still work and new sites will use the latest version (7.4.1+13).

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Hi @jackmcconnell,

Thanks for the post!

Do you remember what error you were running into prior to symlinking? Only the binary version (7.4.1 for example) is attached to the site. As soon as you re-download 7.4.1, existing sites should start using the updated service.

I did not have this problem.

Hi @clay,
It showed as an error in locating the Imagick extension file for PHP in the Overview section when viewing a site in Local. Can’t remember the exact error. Restarted computer, Local, etc. but was still there. My solution, posted above, seemed to fix it. Might not be an issue for everyone, I guess :blush:

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