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Imagick (ImageMagick) Stream does not support seeking

When attempting to load an image file into Imagick (e.g. new Imagick(‘pathname.jpg’) I get the following error:

“Warning: Imagick::__construct(): stream does not support seeking…”

I’m running:
MacOS 10.15.7
Local 5.10.5+5403
PHP 7.4.1

It doesn’t seem to matter whether the file type is jpg or png, nor does it matter whether the file is stored inside the site itself or remotely.

The error does not occur on my production server, running PHP 7.4.3.

There is some discussion here about this error coming up on certain builds of PHP 7.4.1.

Is anyone else having this problem?

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I know that there was a recent regression with the PHP lightning services around the Image Magick extension:

That being said, the error you are seeing seems to indicate that Image Magick is there, it’s just missing features.

In that StackOverflow thread, one of the answers mentions the underlying “why”

Seeking (offset) is not supported with remote files. Attempting to seek on non-local files may work with small offsets, but this is unpredictable because it works on the buffered stream.

The reason I bring it up is that maybe one of the images that’s being worked on is “remote” only within Local. A couple of things come to mind:

  • Is this happening over Live Links or a direct connection to the site?
  • Are you able to inspect the actual path to the image? Maybe it is “remote” in the sense that it’s on a different partition?