Imagick on Mac with M1 Chip

Please support Imagick on Mac with M1 Chip

In the meantime you can make it work on Mac with M1 chip like this:

  • Install the according imagick version with brew: imagemagick - "Make failed" when installing Imagick on MacOS Monterey with M1 chip - Stack Overflow
  • copy the brew imagick .so file into the according extensions directory from localwp
  • in your localwp sites folder conf adapt php.ini.hbs so it loads the straight without checking the chipset
  • in www.conf.hbs adapt “env[MAGICK_CODER_MODULE_PATH]” to env[MAGICK_CODER_MODULE_PATH] = /usr/local/Cellar/imagemagick/7.1.0-51/lib/ImageMagick/modules-Q16HDRI/coders (according to your imagick brew install path)

Hope this helps!

Could you please give more details. I really need this. Where do I find How exactly do I adapt php.ini.hbs? And I don’t see www.conf.hbs. Thanks so much for your help.

The error I currently get:

Fatal error : Uncaught ImagickException: NoDecodeDelegateForThisImageFormat `JPEG’ @ error/constitute.c/ReadImage/741 in /Users/…/Local Sites/path/to/plugin/file

Hi all - just closing the loop here. PHP 8+ includes Imagick for the Apple Silicon build of Local (it’s on Intel too, but referencing the OP here!).

If you run into any issues with Imagick on the latest PHP versions, please let us know. In the meantime, I’ll move this to a completed feature request. Thank you for your feedback!

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