Imagick module is missing from PHP 8 builds

Bug Summary

The currently bundled PHP libraries have dropped the imagick module

Steps to reproduce


  • in WordPress check the WP core Tools->SiteHealth & note the complaint from WP about the missing module (
  • attempt to run a theme or plugin that performs image manipulation and note the error
  • select “PHP version” in Local as 8.0.22 or 8.1.9, click apply, then click details. Note that “imagick” is not found in the generated phpinfo page

Environment Info

  • Debian 11
  • nginx, PHP 8.0.22/8.1.9, MySQL 8.0.16
  • Local 6.7.0+6347

Supporting info

Following on from a support comment on another recent thread:

Agreed, our goal is that all of those PHP versions should be compiled with the same default set of extensions. We’ll make sure PDO support is added on all versions going forward!

And (I know I’m repeating myself but…) make sure that list of extensions includes imagick given that WP core now checks for that & complains if it’s not there and plenty of plugins and themes require that functionality.

It’s currently not included in the bundled builds of PHP 8.0.22 or 8.1.9

I know that this has been brought up several times but it feels like it’s getting brushed aside a little. It would be great if we could get an acknowledgement of this & know if there are plans around correcting it because at the moment we’re migrating sites out of Local into other solutions in order to support clients that use this and need to be on PHP 8 - a “yes we know and it’ll be in the builds for the next point release” or “it might make it into the next major release” or “we’ll add it to the todo list for future consideration” and a timeline would help us know how much effort we should be putting into this migration.

Don’t get me wrong - I am VERY grateful for how much Local has streamlined our WP development (in fact setting up alternative development environments is reminding me just how much it’s helped!) but a little feedback on the status here would go a long way. Our live sites on WP Engine all have it included - if you’re wanting to mimic the live site experience then it’s an odd thing to remove (and yes we have considered using a WP Engine environment directly for development… but it’s hardly ideal lol)




Thank you for reaching out regarding this and for your continued support of Local!

I’m going to merge this into the greater Feature Request just for organizational purposes and tracking, but I will also follow up with our team for you to see if there is any update on the status of this we can provide.

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Any word from the team about imagick @Nick-B ? I was hoping this would be a quick check to see where the team were on putting this module back in the builds.

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Hey @jonjennings - we’ll bump the feature request post when we’ve released an updated PHP build that includes Imagick. We’ll look into what it takes to include in our next PHP release. More to come soon!

That’s great to hear - thanks!

(I know that’s not a guarantee of anything, wasn’t expecting that, but good to know it’s being looked at & thought about)


This is still an isssue and there are no clear instructions how to add the module yourself to Local 7.1.0 yourself

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Hi @drkanukie - Imagick has been compiled with PHP 8.2 and is available. There is still no way to add a module yourself. We’re in the process of going back and adding those to prior PHP versions, but for now, if you need Imagick, we’d recommend using PHP 8.2.


Thanks @austinwendt ! I switched from PHP 8.1 to 8.2 and I can confirm this works on Windows 11 in 2024.

It appears that 8.1 is what the “Preferred” setup includes, so if its problematic, maybe the dev team can get that to auto-select 8.2 instead?

Hey @CodeSlayer2010! Dropping in to cross share an update about this which we should have ready soon!

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