Import Error 1146: Command Failed

I am trying to import a site downloaded from CPanel but am receiving a Command Failed error.
Any help fixing this explained in simple terms would be greatly appreciated.


Hey @Sunflower, welcome to the Local forums!

The basic idea of that error is that Local is trying to ask WordPress what the site’s url is, but for whatever reason, WordPress doesn’t have the database table of wp_xnhm17wdkw_options which stores that information.

So to fix this, you’ll need to zero in on why that table is missing. A few things to investigate:

  • If you open Adminer from Local, are there WordPress-y tables there? Do you see the _options table that the error message mentions?
  • How was the site’s backup created from CPanel?
  • Does the remote database have multiple sets of WordPress tables?
  • Are there additional SQL files within the site backup? Sometimes when those are imported, they can mess with the import process.

Hi @ben.turner, thank you for your reply.

I do see the options table in the other sites I have in Local
The backup was created using BackupWizard in CPanel
?? Not sure about this one, how would I tell??
I do not see an additional SQL file in the backup.

For the site that is having issues, when you click on the “Adminer” link in Local, are there any tables that are showing there? If you’d like, you can post a screenshot of what you are seeing on the problem site and we can take a look!

To help visualize, here’s what Adminer looks like for a site on my machine:

Note that in my screenshot, the table prefix is wp_

From your error message, it seems like WordPress is trying to use a prefix of wp_xnhm17wdkw_. It’s fine to have a different prefix, but that might point you in the right direction of what’s going on.

To your question:

Does the remote database have multiple sets of WordPress tables? – Not sure about this one, how would I tell??

I haven’t been in cPanel in ages, but there’s probably some sort of link to a database manager like phpMyAdmin. If you open that up, you should be able to see what tables are on the remote database. By visually scanning the table names, you can see if there are a few different table prefixes being used.

Concerning seeing what is in Adminer, I can’t get the site to import into Local. The process starts just fine but when it gets to Processing SQL I run into the table issue and when I click OK on the error message the site is deleted. There are no other options.

Concerning seeing what’s on the remote database, I can’t get into PHPMy Admin at the moment. When I click on it it says Access Denied unable to establish a PHP session. The account must be able to write to the php session directory and must not exceed the assigned disk quota. If you believe that this is in error or inadvertent, contact your system administrator and ask them to review your server settings.

I didn’t set this site up and am just getting familiar with it but it is over the disk usage limit.

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Ahh, I can visualize that now and can see how that would prevent you from viewing the database.

You’ll probably need to manually inspect the sql file that’s contained within the backup and see if it contains the necessary SQL to create that options table.

Running out of disk-space on the remote site is interesting, and could point to at least part of the issue – if the server can’t write things to disk, then it’s entirely possible that it hasn’t been able to create a full back up of the site. My guess is that this is the crux of the problem.

Are you able to free up any space to get a proper backup?

The places I would check first (either using an FTP client, or cPanel’s filemanager) would be any really large files in the wp-content folder. This may be due to a bunch of files like backups within the uploads folder, or even a really large debug.log file.

Try removing some of those things that aren’t necessary, especially if they are old backups (download them first of course!) and then re-try creating a backup of the site.

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