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Import from production to local - wrong coding in database?

Blank site when i import the website from production to local the problem i think is coding of datebase

I use duplicator to make a zip and then import in a local

All tables i have in utf8mb4_unicode_ci
table callaed " wp_duplicator_packages" is in utf8_general_ci

When i import in the local i have white page as website and in the wp-admin in sites i have no Polish letters only the some symbols

How to import website from production to local correct ?

Working with different database colations and character sets is tricky.

As a first step, I’d double check to make sure that the version of MySQL is the same between the remote server and within the Local site you create. Hopefully, having the same versions of MySQL will make it work.

If it doesn’t, you might want to take a look at the Codex entry on this topic:

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