Strange text in my local copy UTF-8 mismatch?

When I move my website to local, it gives me strange text, such as é instead of é. I read online it is a UTF-8 mismatch. What to do? Because I have a lot of websites with the same problem.

Commenting out in wp-config is not really a sustainable option. I am looking for a way so the local development site is the same as my production site.

Why is this happening? Can it be I have a different type of MySQL on my hosting server (the one where the websites have their production website?)

Hi there @aakraak - thank you for your question! :wave:

I have a quick follow-up before we dive in more.

How are you importing your sites into Local? Are you using a specific plugin to generate a backup that you are them importing?

Thank you!


I am using duplicator. Drag and drop, love that

Hi @aakraak

This other thread should help provide some insight and potential help moving forward with this:

Thank you, going to look into it!


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