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Import Wordpress site with database prefix NOT wp_?

I imported a live website to Local. I started working on it and now the database has two sets of tables. The non wp_ AND the standard wp_ How do I resolve this? I can reimport but saw no option to set the prefix. Ideally I don’t want to use the standed wp_ prefix at either end.

You can view which table prefix is being used by the Local site by opening the sitename/app/public/wp-config.php file and noting the $table_prefix variable.

If that variable is set to the non wp_ prefix, then that means the site isn’t using the default wp_ prefix and you can safely delete those default wp_ tables.

If it turns out that you need to manually merge in content from the different tables, then that gets much harder.

Thanks for your reply Ben, that makes sense. Happily wp-config.php is set to the non wp_ prefix so I deleted the all the wp_ tables and everything looks Ok.

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